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Prove detail engineering detail of the required roof cover section
To perform all detail engineering of each layer of the roofing system using experience, product knowledge, technical reference and optimization, method delivery, cost efficiency and quality workmanship
To conduct the construction installation and logistical supervision of the entire roofing system
To issue installed material quality certificate, where as the material warranty as issued by each manufacturer


More precise engineering detail on interconnection shop drawing, construction method and installation
All quality standards are being closely monitored and certified
All materials to be used being configured to achieve optimum system
Logistical balance is achieved by centralizing the site material
Reduction in main contractor site management work load on specialized section


HBA Boltless Panel are high corrugted steel sheet profile
which were designed with boltless and locking system on application as roofing.
Boltless panels reduce the possibilities of roof leaking
HBA clip panels are suitable for wide span and minimum slope roof application.


Harapan Berkat Anugerah is a sole distributo of Carlisle Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Carlisle has led the single-ply industry for over 45 years in product innovation, customer enthusiasm and system integrity. Calisle also have achieved industry milestone with the production of over 12 billion square foot of single-ply membrane.

Carlisle offers various range of TPO Membrane which includes :

  • Carlisle’s Sure-Seal
  • Carlisle’s Hotmopped
  • Carlisle’s FleeceBACK
  • Carlisle’s Sure-Weld
  • Carlisle’s Sure-Seld HotMopped
  • Carlisle’s Metal RETROFIT

The most common application of TPO are Fully-adhered and mechanically fastened.